1 604 932 5565

We are open six days a week.

Whistler:1604 932 5565
Email Us: info@rimrockwhistler.com

The Rimrock will be closed for holidays from Monday October 25th to Tuesday November 9th.

We accept parties up to 6. Due to limited space and with respect for our guests in our second seating, we allow a maximum of 2 hours for dinner for our guests in the first seating. If you require a more leisurely dining experience, please reserve your table from 8pm onward.

We ask that guests be on time for reservations. We are a very small establishment and want all of our guests to enjoy a relaxed dining experience. Any first seating reservations that are late will be subject to a shorter dining time as we are obliged to accommodate our later reservations.

Reservations can be booked 2 weeks in advance with the exception of buy outs which can be held tentatively a year in advance.

Thank you for your understanding. We wish you all good health.

– Bob and Rolf